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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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CS500 Series: How to Make a Test Call

How to make a test call on your CS500 series headset
Making a test call with your desk phone:
  1. If your desk phone has volume control, set it to mid-range.
  2. Look at the bottom panel of the base of your CS500 unit and make sure the default settings are correct (Start with the configuration switch set to A and both the speaking volume dial and listening volume dial set to 3)
  3. Set the volume on your desk phone to mid-range.
  4. Remove the handset from the desk phone cradle.
  5. While wearing your headset, press the call button on the headset.
  6. If you do not hear a dial tone, adjust the configuration switch (A-G) until you do. NOTE: For most phones, the factory default settings listed in step 2 will sound the best.
  7.  Dial a test call from the desk phone. If needed, fine tune the volume with the headset volume controls. You can also adjust the desk phone speaking and listening volumes on the bottom of the base.