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Discovery 975: Charging Information

The minimum charge before the first use is 30 minutes, and 1.5 hours in the charging case or using an A/C charger will give you a full charge. Your new earpiece performs best when fully charged.  While your earpiece is charging, the indicator light slowly flashes red.  When your earpiece is fully charged, the indicator light turns off.  This applies to all charging options.
Never charge the battery where the temperature may fall below 0°C (32°F) or rise above 40°C (104°F).  Do not use your earpiece while it is connected to the charger. Option A: Using the A/C Charger
  1. Plug the A/C charger into a power outlet.
  2. Connect the A/C charger to the charging jack on the earpiece.
Option B: Using the Charging Case
  1. Open the cover of the case.  Align the charging jack on the earpiece with the micro USB connection in the case.
  2. Gently push the earpiece onto the micro USB connection until you feel it click into place.
  3. Once charged, gently press the ejection button with your thumb to release the earpiece.
Checking Battery Level Option A: The LCD display on the charging case will indicate the battery level of the earpiece when the earpiece is inserted into the case.
Note: The Bluetooth icon on the case indicates the earpiece is connected to your phone.  You can receive calls when charging. Option B: With the earpiece powered on, simultaneously press and hold the call control button and the volume button for about 2 seconds.  The indicator light flashes red to show the charge level. Automatic Battery Status Alerts When the battery charge is very low, a tone and voice prompt in English will automatically occur.  
Battery Level Tone Voice Prompt
30 minutes of talk time remaining (this alert, only occurs during an active call)  Double high tone every 15 minutes  "Battery Low" repeats every 30 seconds 
10 minutes of talk time remaining  Triple high tone every 30 seconds  "Recharge Battery" repeats every 3 minutes 
  Recharging Your Charging Case The charging case takes 1.5 hours for a full charge using the A/C charger. The charging case provides two full charges to your earpiece before the battery within the case requires recharging.
  1. To check the battery status of the case, refer to the LCD display.  If the battery icon is flashing, or the display is blank, you have to recharge the case before you can use it to charge your earpiece.
  2. Plug the A/C charger to the power source before connecting to the charging jack on the side of the case.  While the case is recharging, the LCD battery icon (above the case image) flashes to indicate charge level.