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Last Modified Date: 07/28/2021
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Discovery 655/665: How to Charge

Discovery 655/665: How to Charge
The Discovery 655 and 665 can be charged through a A/C Wall Caharge, your computer, or an optional vehicle charging adaptor. Before using, you must first charge your headset.  Charging your headset for one hour is the minimum recommended charging time; charging your headset for 3 hours will give it a full battery. Option A: Using the Included A/C Charger The indicator light flashes red while charging and turns off when fully charged.
  1. Plug the A/C charger into the base of the charging pocket and connect it to your power source.
  2. Insert the headset into the charging pocket.
Option B: Using the Vehicle Charging Adaptor
  1. Snap the headset charging pocket onto the vehicle charging adaptor.
  2. Plug the vehicle charging adaptor into vehicle power socket and adjust the charging pocket angle so that the headset is within easy reach. 
    CAUTION: Select a mounting option that does not interfere with car controls.
  3. Dock the headset into charging pocket as shown.  If power is available to the vehicle power socket, the charging pocket will flash when headset is docked.
    NOTE: The headset charges only when power is supplied to the vehicle power socket.  The green indicator on the vehicle charging adaptor lights when power is supplied.
Option C: Using the Mini USB-to-USB Charging Cable
  1. Snap the mini USB charger to the charging pocket.
  2. Use the mini USB-to-USB charging cable to connect the headset to your computer or laptop.
  3. Turn your computer or laptop on.
Using a AAA Battery One AAA battery recharges the headset to full capacity up to 3 times.
  1. Twist the bottom of the AAA battery charger counter-clockwise and release the battery holder.
  2. Insert the battery into the AAA battery holder.
  3. Slide the battery holder back into the battery charger and turn clockwise.
  4. Snap the battery charger to the charging pocket.  Ensure that the indentation on the battery charger connector aligns with the shirt clip on the charging pocket.
  5. Insert the headset into the charging pocket.
Caution: Only replace with a non-rechargeable AAA battery.