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Article ID: 000048255
Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
Access Level: Public

X30/X50 Teams Mode Mute status on TC8 is out of sync with endpoint when joining a meeting.

Engineering team tried to manipulate the meeting options (you can do this before sending the invite, in Outlook, or directly in the Teams PC client as the organizer of the meeting).
In this case they have found 2 scenarios
Who can present? Only me - Organizer is the presenter, all others are attendees
Allow mic for attendees? Disabled - Attendees have the mic disabled
Studio X joins with mic disabled, I "Allow mic" for it and then it's not possible to unmute ( Bug)
Back to the standard options
Who can present? Everyone - Everyone is presenter
Allow mic for attendees? Enabled - Everyone have the mic allowed
Studio X joins unmuted, I can mute/unmute via TC8, via PC I "Make an attendee" the Studio X, I "Disable mic" from the Studio X, I try to unmute via TC8, even with the disabled mic icon (this step is important), I "Allow mic" from Studio X via PC, and then it's not possible to unmute ( Bug)  
Currently being scoped by Engineering Team.