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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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M10/M12/M22/MX10: How to Configure/Compatibility Switch Settings

While wearing your headset, lift the handset from the telephone. If you do not hear a dial tone, you will have to configure the amplifier with your telephone.
To View Your Configuration Settings:
Remove the plastic cover on the left side of the amplifier. Most phones will use setting 6 on the MX10 or setting 5 on the M10, M12, and M22.
To Change the Configuration Setting:
Image of how to change the compatibility setting
  1. Press the headset/handset button down so that the green indicator appears.
  2. Slide the plastic screwdriver from its storage location on the underside of the amplifier.
  3. Use the plastic screwdriver to slide the telephone compatibility switch to the left or right until you hear a clear dial tone.
  4. Return the plastic screwdriver to its storage place.
  5. Replace the compatibility switch cover.
Guidelines for Configuration Settings:
1 = Carbon phones
2 and 3 = Specific phones, such as AT&T Merlin
4 = Electret test setting
5 = Electret with batteries installed
6 = Most phones