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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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M10/M12/MX10: Spares and Accessories

M10, M12, and MX10 accessories are for amplifier bases only. These accessories are not for headsets. If an accessory is needed for the headset, please search for information regarding your specific headset model.
  • Cable - Coiled, Quick Disconnect (QD) to Modular Connection (Amp to Headset)
  • Cable - Stub, Modular to Modular 0974-01-(Amp to Telephone)
  • Cable, Coiled, Quick Disconnect (QD) to QD, Lightweight Extension Cord, 10 feet
  • Coil Cable, Quick Disconnect (QD) to Male Modular W/QD Locks
  • Cable - Adapter, 1 Modular Straight to 1 Modular Coil
  • Cable - to Audio Device, MX10
  • Battery Door Kit, M10
  • Headset Stand, M12
  • Headset Stand, Platform, M12
  • M12 Bracket, Under Desk Mount
  • M12 Bracket RNA
  • Black Screwdriver for switch setting & dial adjustments, M10
  • Black Screwdriver for switch setting & dial adjustments, M12