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Savi Go Troubleshooting: Adapter Not Linking to Headset

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Adaptor Not Linking to Headset


This answer refers to the following models: WG100/B, WG101/B, WG200/B, WG201/B This issue does not relate to first time pairing. See the pairing information in the user guide if this is the first time you have used your headset with this Adapter.   If you have removed the dongle from the USB port and inserted it back again you may need to wait as long as a minute for the Adapter and headset to re-link.   Normally t he time for the headset and dongle to connect is about 4-5 seconds after the dongle has been powered up by inserting it in to the host USB port. However, this time can be up to 35-40 seconds if the Adapter is in a powered state and removed and quickly inserted back to the USB port.