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Last Modified Date: 08/08/2022
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Quick Disconnect (QD) Product Information

About the QD Connector
The Plantronics Quick Disconnect (QD) is a proprietary connector featured on “H” and “P” series headsets. It enables you to choose the headset style you want, and then choose the device connector type you need, such as a modular connector for desk phones or a USB or dual 2.5mm connector for computers.

A QD connection also enables you to place a call on hold by simply disconnecting the headset at the QD during a call. It enables you to walk away from the telephone without having to remove the headset.

NOTE: If you want to connect an H series headset to a desk phone, you will need to use either an A10 cable or an amplifier. See the end of this article for amplifier information.
QD Adapter Cable Options
The following links provide more information about the available QD adapter cable options:
  • 2.5mm
  • 3.5mm
  • A10 - Connects an H series headset directly to a desk phone (no amplifier needed)
  • Avaya specific (HIC and HIS)
  • Extension - Provides an additional 10' of range between your headset and device
  • Standard Modular - Connects an H series headset to a desk phone via a Plantronics amplifier
  • Polaris Modular - Connects a Polaris headset to a desk phone
  • USB
QD Versions
Version used before 2005
Version used from 2005-2008
Version used since 2008 NOTE: The original QD version is not compatible with the newer versions.
Amplifier Information
If you would like to use an H series headset with a desk phone, you have to use either an amplifier or an A10 cable. The H series headsets work with the following amplifier models: