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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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K100 Speakerphone: How to Hear Calls Through Your Car Stereo

How do I listen to my calls through my car stereo?
You can listen to calls through your car stereo speakers by transferring the audio from the speakerphone to one of five FM channel options:
  • 88.3MHz
  • 88.7MHz
  • 89.1MHz
  • 89.5MHz
  • 89.9MHz
If your phone is A2DP-enabled you can also hear streaming audio like GPS instructions and music through your car speakers. We recommend that you transfer audio to an FM channel before you start driving, and that you make a routinely clear channel a preset on your stereo. To hear your calls through your car stereo:
  1. Ensure that your phone and speakerphone are powered on and connected.
  2. Press the FM button to enter FM transmit mode. The FM transmit channel will be announced.
  3. Manually set your radio to the announced FM channel. You are now ready to transmit calls and streaming audio like GPS directions from your phone to your car stereo. If a radio station suddenly takes over the FM channel, tap the FM button to quickly redirect the audio back through the speakerphone. To find another FM channel, while FM is turned on, press and hold the FM button until another channel option is announced, then tune your radio to the new channel.