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Savi 700 Series: How to Change the Range Setting

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The Savi 700 Series reduces the signal strength when you are using your headset near the base.  As you move away from the base, power output can increase to support more distance.  The range setting controls your maximum distance by low, medium and high.  This setting can be changed directly from the base or via Plantronics HUB software.
To change the Savi range mode directly:
  1. Dock the headset in the charging cradle.
  2. Press the subscription and desk phone buttons for three seconds, the subscription indicator will start blinking.
  • High Range - Subscription indicator light blinks green.
  • Medium Range - Subscription indicator blinks yellow.
  • Low Range - Subscription indicator blinks red.
To change the Savi range mode via the Plantronics HUB software:
  1. Open Plantronics HUB then click on Settings.

    Image of the Plantronics HUB

  2. On Settings click on Wireless.


  3. Scroll down and look for the Range option and choose the desired range.

4. Click Apply 

5. Click OK on the confirmation window and the new range will be saved on HUB.