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CS510/CS520: How to Adjust the Fit

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How do I adjust the fit on my CS510/CS520 headset?
Recommended Placement
For best sound clarity and comfort, make sure your headset fits securely and is placed with the microphone boom pointing towards your mouth.
To Adjust the Headband
  1. To adjust the headband, lengthen or shorten the band until it fits comfortably. The click stop feature keeps the headband securely adjusted.
  2. Position the headset so that the foam ear cushion sits comfortably over the center of your ear.  For the CS510 headset, position the stabilizer T-bar above your ear.
  3. For a tighter fit, gently pull the opposite end of the headset inward as shown.
To Adjust the Microphone
  1. Carefully bend and shape the boom with both hands as shown.  Avoid
  2. Position the click stop turret and boom so that the microphone is two finger-widths from the corner of your mouth.