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Article ID: 000024312
Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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DA60 Supervisor Status: How to Modify an Agent’s Settings

As a supervisor, how can I modify my agent’s individual settings?
To Check Your Agent’s Individual Settings:
  1. Click “my agents.”
  2. Select the group from pull down menu.
  3. Click the agent's name in the Agent ID box.
  4. Place your cursor in the “modify settings” box, and then press Enter. The “supervisor-agent settings” screen appears.
  5. To apply all the settings from one agent to another: Click the down arrow next to the “apply settings from” box. A list of all agents appears.
  6. Click the agent’s name whose settings you wish to duplicate.
  7. Click the “apply” box.
Alternately, you may change each individual setting in the main part of the “supervisor-agent settings” input screen by selecting the “agent” OR selecting “system default”, “supervisor”, or “not allowed” next to the appropriate control item (e.g., microphone volume, headset selection).

To Change the Headset:
  1. Click “supervisor” on the “headset selection” line, then press the “select new headset” button. The “select headset” screen appears.
  2. Click the name of the new headset. A photograph of the headset appears as a confirmation of your choice.
  3. Press OK.
To Change the Screen Lock Delay on Disconnect: 

Click “supervisor” on the “screen lock on disconnect” line, and then select the desired time from the “delay” drop-down list. The new settings will take effect the next time the agent logs into the system.