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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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SupraPlus Wideband: How to Adjust the Mouthpiece

The following procedure details how to adjust the mouthpiece of your SupraPlus Wideband HW251/HW251-N/HW261/HW261-N.
For Standard Models:
  1. Hold the receiver securely against your ear. With the other hand, adjust the clickstop turret and the Voice Tube so that the tip sits two finger-widths from the corner of your mouth. NOTE: To prevent breath noise, avoid putting the Voice Tube in front of your mouth (see image below). 
For Noise Cancelling Models:
  1. Carefully bend and shape the boom with both hands as shown. NOTE: Avoid bending or twisting the boom near the microphone or earpiece (see image below).
  2. Position the clickstop turret and boom so that the microphone is two finger-widths from the corner of your mouth.
  3. Ensure the front of the microphone faces your mouth. If necessary, twist the microphone slightly so it's in the proper position. NOTE: Do not user forceful twisting motions or try to turn the microphone completely around.