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Artikelnummer: 000059145
Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Sony EVi-D100 moves very slowly after software upgrade.

Customer reports that their Sony EVi-D100 camera pans and tilts much more slowly after a softupdate.
Works as designed. Ensure that all peripheral devices attached to either com port of the VSX are powered on prior to powering up the VSX.
To Reproduce:
Systems needed:
  • VSX series codec
  • Sony EVi-D100 camera
Steps to reproduce:
  1. Connect Sony EVi-D100 camera video to VSX.
  2. Connect the camera control cable to either RS-232 control port on the VSX.
  3. Ensure that comm settings are correct on the VSX.      Typical =           Baud Rate: 9600           RS-232 Mode: Camera PTZ           Camera Control: Camera 2 (if appropriate)
  4. Remove power to the Sony Evi- D100 (or remove the control cable).
  5. Restart the VSX.
  6. Add power/control to the Sony Evi-D100.
  7. Select the Sony Evi-D100 as the camera source and move the camera using the IR controller.      Result:           Camera movement may be much slower than expected.
  8. Power cycle the VSX with the Sony Evi-D100 already powered up and the control cable connected to a VSX RS-232 port (with correct configuration on the VSX).      Result:           Camera should respond as expected.
NOTE: The Polycom Powercam may also exhibit this same behavior if it is not powered on when the VSX boots up.