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Artikelnummer: 000032032
Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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APV-63/APV-6B Troubleshooting: Inconsistent EHS functionality with Avaya 9508 phones

I have a Plantronics EHS APV 63/6B connected to an Avaya 9508/14XX desk phone and a Plantronics wireless headset. When I press the headset button on the Avaya 9508 phone it does not take the headset off hook/on hook consistently. Ring alert is also inconsistent. What is the issue?
Avaya confirmed that this is a firmware problem on the 95XX and 14XX phones. Call can be answered and ended from the headset’s call control button without any problem. The problem is only when the remote end hangs up or when the user presses the headset button on the phone. At present Avaya's engineers are working on getting this resolved. Avaya has not yet informed us the firmware version number that will have a fix for this issue.