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Savi 8200 Office Firmware Release Notes

Version V38.53 (MR3)
May 2020

What's new

After updating to this firmware version all Bluetooth paired smartphones are removed from the Savi 8200 Office, before first use - users will need to pair their Bluetooth smartphone again 
  • Microsoft Teams certification – pressing headset button will now invoke the Microsoft Teams desktop application
  • Full support for Alcatel-Lucent desk phones by providing full DECT-ON including when used in multi-interface mode (desk phone and/or mobile and/or softphone)
  • Added Auto answer feature – incoming call can now be answered by removing the headset from the docking station. Can be configured via Hub.

Resolved issues
  • Intermittent audio issues when streaming media from Bluetooth connected devices
  • Volume adjustment sync issue between headset and non-feedback capable hosts (such as Citrix or cloud-based Windows hosts).

Version V38.46 (MR2)
December 2019

What's new
  • Support for Alcatel-Lucent desk phones by providing DECT-ON when used in single interface mode only (mobile and/or softphone are not currently supported)

Resolved Issues
  • Intermittent noise issue on receive audio with mobile and desk phones

Version  v38.34  (MR1)
August 2019

This maintenance release contains numerous bug fixes and feature updates – it is recommended that customers update to this new release as soon as convenient.

What's new
  • Mute On/Off alert tones can now be enabled/disabled via Plantronics Hub

Resolved Issues
  • Intermittent dropped calls when using mobile via Bluetooth
  • Multi call handling across different interfaces fails when Plantronics Hub is running
  • When conferencing an additional headset to the base the headset volume control button may not work
  • Intermittent audio loss during a Cisco WebEx call
  • Mute On reminder alert now matches setting applied in Plantronics Hub
  • Various Bug fixes

Version V38.15 
April 2019

What’s New
  • Improved the host phone sidetone reduction performance
Resolved Issues
  • Resolve intermittent failure to conference second headset
  • Resolve issue with an intermittent burst of noise

Version 38.13 
March 2019

What's New
  • Improved audio quality across a wider range of desk phones

Version 36.10 

What's New
  • Initial Release