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Spokes Known Issue with Savi 400 Series: Additional key press required to turn link on or off

When using a Savi 4xx to listen to non-call audio (such as with a media player), an additional press of the call control key is required to turn the RF link on, or to turn it off. For example, if audio is played with Windows Media Player and Audio Sensing is disabled, the call control key must be pressed twice to route audio to the headset, and must be pressed twice again to close the link. Similarly, if the headset is docked while audio is playing (in effect, a key press), audio will continue to play until the call control key is pressed (effectively, a second key press).
This change in behavior was made to allow for Spokes compatibility with modifications made in Savi 4xx firmware v117 to support the Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971.
Press the call control key twice to open or close the RF link when using the Savi 4xx to listen to non-call audio, and press the call control key after the headset is docked to close the RF link.
Affected Operating System(s)
All versions of Windows
Affected Software Application(s)
Spokes 2.7 when used with any supported media player (see the Spokes Install Notes).
Affected Hardware
Savi 400 Series
Date Raised
17 September 2012