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Last Modified Date: 08/19/2022
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About Multipoint Technology

Multipoint technology enables you to pair and connect your headset to two different Bluetooth audio devices at once.  Note that you will not be able to use two devices simultaneously; instead, the benefit is that you will be able to answer an incoming phone call from either device using the headset.
  When making an outgoing call: The headset remembers the device you most recently used. Double press the call control button to perform the last number redial on that device or perform a long press of the call control button to initiate voice dialing on that device (if the device supports it).
  To make an outgoing call on the other device: Initiate the call from the device itself. The audio will automatically transfer to the headset. To answer a call: If you receive a call on either device, you will receive an incoming call notification on the headset. In some cases, the ringtone from the device will play on the headset, enabling you to determine which device is ringing. Press the call control button on the headset once to answer the call. To answer a call on one device while you are on a call on the other device: You must either disconnect the first call or place it on hold in order to answer the second call. Unfortunately, there is no way to place a call on hold using the headset, so you must do so using your cell phone. If you choose to terminate the first call, you can do so by pressing the call control button on the headset once. You will then hear the incoming call notification (beep) on the headset. Press the control button again to answer the call.  Products with multipoint technology (organized by product family):
  • Voyager: 510, 520, 815, 935, Pro, Pro+, Pro HD, Pro UC (WG200/B, WG201/B, B230, and B230-M), Legend, Legend UC (B235/B235-M), Edge, Edge UC (B255/B255-M), Voyager Focus UC, Voyager 5200, 5200 UC, Voyager 3200, 3200 UC, and Voyager 6200.
  • Calisto: 800 Series, 600 Series, 240.
  • Discovery: 610, 640, 640e 925 (turned off by default; learn how to turn multipoint on, and 975 (turned off by default; learn how to turn multipoint on.
  • BackBeat: Pro, Pro 2, FIT 300, Sense. 
  • Explorer: 50, 500.
  • M Series: M100, M1100, M155, M165, M50, M25, M55, M70, M90.