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Last Modified Date: 08/12/2021
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Voyager 4200 Office, Voyager 4245 Office and Voyager 5200 Office Base Release Notes

Version V431
August 2021

What’s new

Resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue where an existing call on Teams is taking place and a second incoming call on Skype for Business cannot be answered
  • Fixed an issue where the headset lost all audio on an active Teams call when a second incoming call on desk phone is ignored or rejected
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version V104
May 2021

Note – This release is on only for the Voyager 4245 headset (not the base).  Hence the firmware release number is lower than for previous releases

What’s new
  • Medium key press on mute button places a call on hold or resumes a call that is on hold
Resolved issues
  • Fixed issue where headset fails to power on after language update when docked in base
  • Enable HD Voice by default
  • Improved time to reconnect
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 333
March 2021

Resolved Issues
  • Added audio filtering to improve echo cancellation performance

Version 330
July 2020

Resolved Issues
  • Unable to pair the first headset to the base after pairing a second headset unless the base is power cycled
  • Restore to defaults now correctly set default line to desk phone
Version 323
April 2020

What's new
  • Change default line to PC interface
  • Update company branding in USB descriptors to Poly

Resolved Issues
  • Unable to unmute Skype for Business call on macOS from the headset

Version 229

What's New
  • Initial Release