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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Plantronics Hub Headset Support.

Many headsets that are supported by Plantronics Hub are already discontinued and will not receive future updates but are still supported so you can make changes to the settings of preferences, this is only if the device has settings that can be customized.

Here is a list of the headsets and devices that are discontinued but still supported by the app.
  • Backbeat Pro
  • Backbeat Sense
  • Blackwire 200 Series
  • Blackwire 300 series
  • Blackwire 400 series
  • Blackwire 500 Series
  • Blackwire 600 Series
  • Blackwire 700 Series
  • DA45
  • MDA200
  • Savi 400 Series
  • Savi 700 Series
  • Voyager Edge
  • Voyager Legend
  • Voyager Pro UC

More units can be added to the list as they become discontinued.