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Computer USB Headsets Troubleshooting: No Transmit on Mac 10.4.10



USB Troubleshooting: No Transmit on Mac 10.4.10


The following applies only to Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.4.10.  If you experience no transmit (i.e. the mic doesn't seem to work), please try the following:
  • 1) Make sure your Plantronics microphone is plugged into an open USB  port on your computer.
  • 2) Launch "Audio MIDI Setup.app." (You will find this application in Applications> Utilities.)
  • 3). In System Settings, select "Plantronics Headset" as the default input.
  • 4). In "Properties For:" select "Plantronics Headset."
  • 5). In the bottom right area of the window, uncheck "Mute."