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Poly+ Support

Service Description


Poly+ offering provides Customers with support for their home and office Poly solutions. This service includes 24x7 technical phone support, advance hardware replacement with next business day parts shipment, access to major releases, patches, and hotfixes for current Software Updates and Upgrades at: or via Poly Lens and additional discounts on selected services (the “Service”).


The Customer will:

  1. Register all devices with the Poly Lens Cloud and Desktop application.
  2. Provide any needed serial numbers via email if unable to utilize Poly Lens at
  3. Install any Software Updates or Upgrades made available to the Customer for products covered by this Service.
  4. Provide designated Customer technicians to be authorized to contact Poly’s support team by the designated contact method assigned by Poly for enterprise Customers.
  5. As requested and applicable for support services, provide Poly with information related to their Poly Products supported by the Service including, without limitation, network diagrams, system configurations, Customer detail records (“CDR”s), and operation procedures.


24x7 Priority Support

Customers can contact Poly to receive 24x7 support for the Customer’s supported solution. Regional telephone numbers to contact Poly can be found at: Poly will provide 24x7 support. Support is available via chat, phone, web and video. Poly support can be reached at the following link: Regional Telephone contact numbers are available at the following link:

Advance Parts Replacement – Next Business Day (“NBD”)

Availability and Operation: Poly will provide advance replacement for any failed hardware component covered under this Service Description. If Poly’s technical support representative determines that a replacement part is required to resolve a reported or diagnosed problem, a replacement part will be shipped by Poly for next business day delivery (Monday through Friday) for advance replacement using an expedited carrier service. Poly will endeavor to process replacement part orders same-day in order to meet local carrier pick-up schedules. The deadline for same-day processing is generally 3pm local time, Monday through Friday, to Poly’s regional parts depot. For products covered by this Service, Poly pays for all freight charges for advance parts replacement transactions. In certain countries, customs delays may affect actual delivery time of replacement parts to the Customer facility, and the Customer may be required to act as the Importer of Record. Poly will publish a list of location-specific advance parts replacement timeframes and shipping terms at:

Replacement Parts: Replacement parts supplied by Poly will be either new parts or parts equivalent in performance to new parts when used with the Poly Product and are warranted for ninety (90) days from shipment. Parts removed from Poly Products as part of the repair will become the property of Poly and must be received back to the local Poly service facility (to the location listed on the pre-addressed return package provided by Poly, if applicable) within ten (10) business days of receipt of the replacement part, or Customer will be invoiced at Poly’s then-current list price for the Poly Product or component, as published in Poly’s price book.


Escalation Management

Poly has formal escalation procedures to resolve complex Customer problems. Poly’s support management team coordinates the escalation of problems and rapidly engages the right solution specialists throughout Poly. Poly will execute internal notifications to alert Poly’s service management when the Customer support cases age past established thresholds.

Incident Management

As set forth immediately below, Poly will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a fix or a workaround if Poly determines that such workaround would be an appropriate response under the circumstances. In the case of a workaround for a Critical or Major Severity level incident, Poly will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a fix within the next release.

Poly’s response objective is defined as the duration of time between when the Customer contacts Poly to report a problem and when a Poly support engineer is in contact with the Customer and begins the troubleshooting process. Poly and the Customer will commit full-time resources during standard business hours, excluding holidays, to resolve the incident. Response Objective timeframes are calculated within business hours (e.g. a Poly Technical Support Representative (“TSR”) will respond by 8:30am the following morning to Severity level 2 issues reported at 5pm the previous Day, excluding holidays). Response Objectives are Poly targets for service responsiveness but are not commitments or service level agreements.

Incident Severity Level Description Response Time Objectives
Severity Level 1 (Critical) This Severity Level shall indicate a sizable, wide-spread failure of a Product or Service that causes the Product, Service or related production network to be inoperative and that this inability to use the Product or Service has a critical effect on the Customer’s commercial operations. This severity level is generally characterized as a complete Product failure requiring immediate correction and for which no Workaround is immediately available. 30 minutes
Severity Level 2 (Major) This Severity Level shall indicate that the Product or Service is partially inoperable but is still usable by the Customer. The inoperative portion of the Product or Service severely restricts the Customer’s commercial operations but has a less critical effect than a Severity Level 1 condition. 1 hour 
Severity Level 3 (Minor) The Severity Level shall indicate that the Product or Service is usable with little or limited impact to the Customer and affects but does not severely restrict commercial operations. Any problem that does not impact the Customer’s production network shall be categorized at a maximum of this level. Errors in user interfaces, documentation, spelling, and other textual exclusions which do not cause or restrict usability of the products. 2 hours

If during the troubleshooting process, the TSR identifies the root cause of an issue to be software related in the most recent version of software, the TSR will either identify a known software issue, open a new issue tracker, or create a new feature request, as appropriate. All issues and feature requests are handled by Poly Engineering via a standardized feature release process.

Software Upgrades and Updates

Poly will make available system Software Upgrades and Updates at no additional charge. Poly will post all Generally Available (“GA”) Software at: or via Poly Lens. Poly Lens and Poly Lens Desktop can be used to deploy the latest device software updates.


Poly Online Support Center

Poly will provide 24x7 access to the Poly Online Support Center at: This Online Support Center will include the following functionality for Customer accounts:

  • Register Products and look up Product licensing
  • Create service requests and review Support Ticket status
  • Check the status of parts replacement including delivery tracking information
  • Perform Knowledge Base searches
  • Download the latest Product documentation
  • Download the latest Poly Endpoint Software that is available for the current release and the latest version minus one.
Ecosystem Cloud Partner Support (“ECPS”)

ECPS improves response times in Poly-enabled ecosystem cloud solutions by acting as a primary point of contact to the Customer. The Poly global support team has the skills, training, experience, and processes needed to resolve technical issues in these complex environments. When the Poly support team receives an incident request for a Poly Product used in an approved Strategic Cloud Partner (Cloud Partner) environment, a Support Ticket will be created in Poly’s ticketing system for tracking purposes. Support Tickets are escalated and managed with appropriate internal Poly teams, including engineering if deemed necessary, to determine cause and plan to reach resolution.

If Poly determines that the problem is caused by or related to the Cloud Partner environment, at the Customer’s request, Poly will attempt to open an incident request with the Cloud Partner, document findings, and provide the Cloud Partner’s incident tracking number to Customer. Poly will be responsible for working directly with the Cloud Partner (when permitted by the Cloud Partner) on resolution or future status updates to the Customer. If not possible to open an incident request, Poly will provide Customer with findings and refer Customer to Cloud Partner for resolution. If requested, the Poly support team will participate in joint calls with the Cloud Partner to isolate and resolve problems on behalf of their mutual Customer using defined escalation processes in place with Cloud Partners.

When permitted by the Cloud Partner and Customer, Poly will:

  • Communicate directly with Cloud Partner
  • Open or close Incident Requests with Cloud Partner
  • Provide Cloud Partner status updates to Customer
  • Verify Customer’s entitlement and term with Cloud Partner.

When a solution can be restored by implementing a temporary workaround, such a fix will be facilitated and communicated back to the Customer. All software bugs and feature requests will be handled by Poly or Cloud Partner engineering via standard bug fix and software release processes.

Poly and its Cloud Partners provide flexible video and voice collaboration through verified and approved multi-vendor integrated solutions. The current list of Poly approved Strategic Cloud Partners is available on the Poly public web site: Customer must maintain current service or subscriber agreement with Cloud Partners, operate and maintain applicable software as specified by the Cloud Partner, and if requested, give Poly signed written approval to act on their behalf regarding ECPS services.

Selected Discounts

Customers with a current Poly+ contract are eligible for the discounts.


Poly+ Service Program Summary

The table below summarizes the Services provided to the Customer.

24x7 Poly Technical Support
Advance Parts Replacement NBD*
Software Upgrades and Updates
Access to Online Support Tools
Poly Lens Features Select premium features not available for free in Poly Lens.
Ecosystem Cloud Partner Support
Discounts off select Professional Services

*For personal devices advanced parts replacement can only be supported for up to three (3) years if there is continuous coverage


The following options are available to be purchased separately to enhance the Poly+ support offering.

Onsite Support

Onsite Support is available for an additional fee and availability is subject to Customer location and Poly Product type. The Onsite Support option enhances the Poly+ Service by providing the following:

Upon remote diagnosis of a Poly Product failure by a Poly technical support engineer, Poly will dispatch an authorized technician to the Customer site during business hours to install the replacement part(s). The onsite dispatch will be scheduled with the Customer based on the expected delivery time of the replacement part(s). The previous statement notwithstanding, Poly will maintain the capability to execute onsite dispatches for Poly Products covered under Poly+ Onsite Service. Poly’s technician will coordinate troubleshooting and testing activities with Poly technical support and the Customer’s designated contact to resolve the problem. Poly onsite support does not include the installation of Software Upgrades, installation of any Poly Product enhancements, or Poly Product configuration support. At its sole discretion, Poly may install Software Updates which are required to restore the covered Product to operational condition.

Poly will work with the customer to get a technician on site as quickly as possible.


Poly’s Information Security Management System (“ISMS”) is based on best practices and is aligned to the ISO27001 framework. In order to prevent security incidents and detect vulnerabilities, Poly uses Security by Design (products are hardened and network ports are only allowed as necessary) and Privacy by Design (access is only allowed via least privileged and need-to-know methodologies and data is encrypted in transport and at rest as needed) principles. When anomalies are identified, they are promptly investigated to determine if a security or privacy incident has occurred. In the event that an incident is identified that affects the delivery of the Services or the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of end customer data, the Customer will be notified in a timely fashion. Privacy information is available at Self-service information may exist on the Poly Online Support Center at



This Service Description is subject to the Poly Service Terms and Conditions for End User Customers at: In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Service Description and the Poly Service Terms and Conditions for End User Customers, the Poly Service Terms and Conditions for End User Customers will apply.

All capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein, excluding proper nouns and other grammatically required capitalization, shall have the meaning set forth in the Poly Glossary located at: