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Get the most out of your UC deployment

Success for any new communication roll out will be gauged by adoption – ensure your users have a great first experience.

Drive Adoption

Drive UC Adoption

Until now, rolling out new headsets and managing user adoption across the enterprise was a major challenge. Combined with Plantronics Hub, Plantronics Manager Pro allows IT managers to configure devices to be truly plug-and-play, so users can start using their new headsets more easily. Plantronics Manager Pro also creates reports on where and how headsets are being used, letting IT reach out to users who need additional training or assistance.

Discover how Plantronics Manager Pro data can connect to existing UC monitoring applications from our approved software partners for a centralized solution. Learn more

The Plantronics app for Microsoft Power BI allows you to instantly visualize your inventory of headsets, softphones and related software, such as Plantronics Hub, with starter dashboard tiles and reports leveraging your Plantronics Manager Pro data. Learn more

Deploy Plantronics Manager Pro before any new UC roll out to understand what devices and softphones are already in use

Monitor roll out of devices – identify users who have yet to connect a device

Monitor UC adoption to quickly identify those users who have yet to make a call


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