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RealConnect 60-day Free Trial

Try our Microsoft Teams video interoperability service for 60-days at no charge.

Poly RealConnect Service for Microsoft Teams

Connect your organization to Microsoft Teams today at no charge for 60 days with Poly RealConnect Service.

Poly RealConnect Service for Teams is a cloud-based video interoperability service that provides connectivity from H.323/SIP-based video endpoints to Microsoft Teams meetings.  (Skype for Business meeting is also supported).  In this 60-day free trial, you will be able to connect up to five videoconferencing endpoints to Teams meetings (5 concurrent connections).      



  1. To make calls to the RealConnect Service over the internet, video endpoints must be able to traverse firewall endpoints to establish connection and receive media. The RealConnect Service does not include a firewall traversal solution. Please see RealConnect Service Description for more information regarding the service
  2. This promotion is available in regions where RealConnect for Microsoft Teams is offered, provided that this offer is not available in certain countries including China, Russia, and any country subject to US, Singapore or European Union embargoes or sanctions
  3. This program is subject to the Poly Sales Promotion Terms available here and incorporated herein. Poly RealConnect Service is subject to the Service Description for such product. In the event of a conflict between this program, the applicable Service
    Description, and the Poly Sales Promotion Terms, the Poly Sales Promotion Terms shall take precedence, followed by the Service Description, and then this program document
  4. This program is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Polycom reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time. Polycom has the right to deny all claims that do not meet the criteria outlined in the program terms and conditions as set forth in the Service Description

Contact us today to apply for the 60-day trial (for 5 concurrent connections).

- Clicking the “Apply” button will take you to the RealConnect Web App page.

- Please sign in as Microsoft 365 global administrator; other account types will be rejected when attempting to sign into the Web App.

- Once in the Web App, you will be able to request a 60-day free trial (if it is the first time for the associated domain).