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Poly has joined the HP family! From August 7, 2023, Poly Support contact options will connect you to HP. This portal will be live until November, when we'll move to the HP Customer Support site.

RealPresence Resource Manager

Escalation Requirements

Information Needed


Network Topology

Please provide detailed information about the network pertaining to the RPRM and IP scheme used.

Example: Do we have an updated one we could use with RPRM in place of CMA?

Affected Portion of the system Example: Provisioning, Scheduling, etc.
Detailed Problem Description Example: RPRM does not provision new users with a SIP URI. This has been recreated in the customer environment. I have sent a detailed description of the customer’s network environment, The date and times the issue started, as well as my troubleshooting steps to replicate the problem. I have attached screenshots of the issue, as well as my Ethernet traces and all system logs from RPRM.


Files Needed

Ethernet Traces when there is a suspected network issue

ADMIN | Maintenance | Troubleshooting Utilities > “Start Trace”

Ethernet traces are essential in helping resolve suspect network related issues, such as one way audio/video, connection issues, audio/video quality issues etc. Please be sure to notate the IP addresses of all hardware involved when providing a trace.

Screenshots of the Issue or Error A snapshot of the error in question, it may be helpful to have screenshots both of the RPRM configuration and from the endpoints, depending on the issue.
System logs from RPRM

Please first set to “DEBUG”

ADMIN | Maintenance | System Log Files > “Change Settings”

Then recreate the issue and select “Download All” when complete.

Client Logs

VG2 Log (If Issue is related to CMA Desktop Client)

The VG2 Log is downloadable via the CMA Desktop, load up the CMA desktop click on Menu > Preferences > Diagnostics > Notification Log > Collect CMAD Diagnostics

RPD Log Collector (if issue is related to RealPresence Desktop Client)

Start > All Programs > Poly > RealPresence Desktop > RPD Log Collector

Serial Number Location

Serial Number is located on the black sticker in the centre rear of the server Serial Number for RPRM may also be obtained via the Web UI

  • Click ‘Admin”
  • Click ‘Server Settings’
  • Click ‘Licenses’