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Poly has joined the HP family! From August 7, 2023, Poly Support contact options will connect you to HP. This portal will be live until November, when we'll move to the HP Customer Support site.

Escalation Requirements
Information Needed  

Detailed Problem Description

Example: I am unable to share content using Pano. I have tried to connect from different devices.


Files Needed  

Pano Logs

1. In the system web interface, go to Diagnostics > Logs
2. Select Download Logs.
The log package, which includes call detail record (CDR) information, downloads as a .tgz file. The date and time of the log entries display in GMT.


Group Series Logs

A Pano is usually used in conjunction with a Group Series endpoint. The GS logs are downloadable via the web interface of the suspect codec, log in via the IP address > Diagnostics > System > Download Logs > Download System Logs. Depending on the browser used, you will get a Save As for downloading the .tgz file.

Wireshark Capture

Especially for problems related to connectivity a packet capture can be vital to understand what is causing the problem and expedite resolution.

Date & Time of the incident

Logs can be extensive, so you must include all the relevant information about when the problem started and stopped.

Serial Number Location

The Pano serial number is located on the bottom of the device and on the shipping container. The Pano may be mounted or secured behind a video screen. It's good practice to record the SN and keep it visible when needed.