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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Encore: How to Adjust the Fit

How do I adjust the fit of my Encore headset?
Adjusting the Headband and Receivers
  1. To adjust the headband, lengthen or shorten the band until it fits comfortably. The click-stop feature keeps the headband securely adjusted. Position the headset receivers so that the foam cushions sit comfortably over the center of your ears.
  2. On models with only one receiver, position the stabilizer T-bar above your ear.
Standard Models Hold the receiver securely against your ear with one hand. With the other hand, adjust the click-stop mounting and the voice tube so that the tip sits two finger-widths from the corner of your mouth. (To prevent breath noise, avoid putting the voice tube in front of your mouth). Noise Cancelling Models
  1. Carefully shape boom with both hands as shown. Do not bend or twist the boom within 50mm of the microphone.
  2. Position the click-stop mounting and boom so that the microphone is two finger-widths from the corner of your mouth. Make sure that the front of the microphone faces your mouth. If necessary, carefully rotate the microphone into the proper position. However, you should try to avoid repeated twisting of the boom.