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BackBeat 906 Troubleshooting: No Sound from Headphones when Using Bluetooth Adapter

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I don't hear any sound from my headphones when I use the Bluetooth adapter. What can I do?


Note that the Bluetooth adapter is for streaming music only; if you want to use the Backbeat for phone calls, you must pair it directly to your cell phone.
Try the following:
  • It can take up to 30 seconds for the devices to connect and for audio to stream via Bluetooth.  After 30 seconds, if there is still no sound, press the play/pause button on the headset.
  • Ensure that your audio device is not locked (see your device's user manual).
  • Ensure that you have properly paired the adapter to your headphones. Click here to learn how to pair the headphones with the adapter.
  • Check that the adapter is plugged into an active stereo audio source.
  • Power off your headphones and adapter, and then power both of them on again.
  • Make sure you have not moved out of Bluetooth range (33 feet/10 meters, but could be less depending on your environment).