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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Explorer 300 Series: How to Adjust the Fit

This procedure describes how to adjust the fit of your Explorer 300 Series headset.
Recommended Placement
For the best sound clarity and comfort, make sure your headset fits securely and is placed with the microphone boom pointing towards your mouth: Image of the recommended placement of the Explorer 300 series headset To find your best fit, try wearing the headset on each ear and ensure you are fitting the headset securely on your ear. The following sections provide additional information.
Wear the headset on your other ear
You may find that the headset fits more comfortably and securely on one ear in particular. To adjust the headset to fit your other ear:

Image of how to adjust the earloop to be worn on your other ear
  1. Lift the ear loop.
  2. Swivel the ear loop to the right or left.
Fit your headset securely on your ear
Image of how to securely fit your Explorer 300 series headset on your ear
  1. Place the ear loop behind the ear.
  2. Pivot the headset to place the speaker into your ear.