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Article ID: 000052260
Last Modified Date: 12/08/2021
Access Level: Public

Unable to access Programs or Channels on the VMC Admin Portal.

When trying to access the VMC Program or Channel pages you get an error similar to:
  We're sorry. An unexpected error has occurred while processing your request. You may retry your request using the 'Refresh' button in your web browser, or continue using the application. Please include the following information in any correspondence about the error. Error Code: f3e5a552-6fef-4fb8-83f3-6fe9933cfcbb
In order to remove the offending program(s) follow the following process:
  1. RDP to the VMC and log in with applianceadmin/D3f@ultP@55w0rD
  2. Click on Start > SQL Server Management Studio
  3. On the Connect to Server screen, the Server name should be local and the Authentication should be WIndows Authentication.
  4. Click connect.
  5. Click "New Query"
  6. In the Query Window type or paste the following: 
use VideoDB
select * from esc_station where name is null
delete from esc_station where name is null

Then click Execute.  This will delete the channels with NULL names and allow you to access the programs and channels on the VMC Admin Portal page.