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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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Low input audio, states audio is coming from a audio matrix, using the 3.5 audio input

-Audio on the 3.5mm audio jack is very low level.
-Issues on G7500 codecs.
-User is replacing GS700/500 codecs and was working correctly on them.
-Audio is coming from a mixer and line level.
-3.5 jack cranked all the way to 10 and still audio issues, meters not moving.
-Audio set to playback to far site, echo cancled.
-User had a video in the room playing very loud, and the meters on the codec were not moving at all
Check on the logs the "threepointfive" parameter. If it have a non-zero value, the issue is on the (physical) gain.:[12].level="10"[12].name="threepointfive"[12].threepointfivefullfunction="Playback to Far Sites, Mute Controlled, Echo Cancelled" 2021-01-26 16:04:33.248 DEBUG    logcat: ConfigServerResource(5483): (webapp) Config read requested for: [,,,,,,,,] Session: PSKCluq765fy G7500 is not an exact replacement for Group 500, they have important differences, specially talking about hardware.