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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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CS500/CS500XD Series: Variations in Wideband and Auto Answer Switches on Base

This article illustrates some differences between the wideband/narrowband and auto answer on/off switches on the CS500 series bases. Below are some images that show these differences. The wideband/narrowband switch is located on the left and auto-answer on/off is on the right.  Additionally, version 2 (the newer version) of the CS500 has a recessed wideband/narrowband toggle that requires using a paperclip to move positions.   

NOTE: The distinction between the two CS500 units is purely cosmetic; there is no difference in functionality.

CS500 Series Version 1

Off: Red/Red
On: Green/Green
Base version 1 turned off  Base version 1 turned on

CS500 Series Version 2

Off: Black/Black
On: Grey/Grey
Base version 3 turned off  Base version 3 turned on


Off: Black/Black
On: Yellow/Grey

Base version 2 turned off  Base version 2 turned on