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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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BackBeat Sense Firmware Release Notes

Version 17
January 25, 2016: BackBeat Sense Firmware Version 17

Resolved Issues
  • Incorrect battery information showing in Plantronics Hub for Android/iOS
Version 16
August 31, 2015: BackBeat Sense Firmware Version 16

What's New
  • Improved compatibility with BT600 adapter
  • ​Updated auto transfer audio function to auto mute function based on UI
  • ​Added new XEVENT command to report "Sensor On/Off" to Plantronics Hub 
  • Improved performance of Deep Sleep mode
Resolved Issues
  • Headset loses play/pause function after disabling sensor from website and enabling sensor by combination key press
  • Transmit/receive audio lost during voice call after putting on/removing the headset
  • "Mute off" voice prompt after putting on/removing the headset during outgoing call
  • Music is still playing when headset is removed during wired mode
Version 13
July 22, 2015: BackBeat Sense Firmware Version 13

What's New
  • Initial Release of Product