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SupraPlus (CS351/CS361) Troubleshooting: Callers Can't Hear Me

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Why can't callers hear me?


If you find that callers cannot hear you, try the following:
  • For voice tube models determine if the voice tube is positioned improperly. Try various other positions.
  • For noise-canceling models make sure the microphone is facing your mouth and positioned properly.
  • Make sure you are not muted.
  • To determine if the voice tube is clogged, remove the voice tube and see if the caller can hear you. If the caller can hear you the voice tube was clogged. For a temporary solution to a clogged voice tube, gently rinse warm water through the voice tube for a minute then manually swing or shake it dry. Make sure the voice tube is completely dry before reattaching. Plantronics recommends replacing the voice tube every 6-9 months.
  • Verify that the transmit volume control of the amplifier is set properly.
  • Rotate the configuration dial on the left side of the base to see if another setting works better with your phone.
  • Try resetting the system.