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EPP Store


Displays various components related to EPP

Email Domain:

Program Name: EPP Detail Test

Landing Page:

Email Template: default

Store ID: This will come from eComm team.

Marketing ID: This will come from eComm team.

Success Url:

EPP Form Title


Use When



  • EPP Detail:
    Add this component to its own page in reference material area, fill out this component with the EPP data
  • EPP Button:
    Add this to a page that's configured for the EPP component to allow email verification to be sent/received. 
  • EPP Form:
    Add this component to the EPP intro page to begin the verification process.

Additional Notes




  • EPP Detail:
    Configure the accepted email domain(s), the title of the program (which will be used in the generated email), the landing page where the verify button in the email directs, the template (default), DigitalRiver information, and the success URL that the associated EPP Buttton Component should direct to after verification.
  • EPP Button:
    The only thing to configure here is the button text when a verified user hits the page.  If a verified user hits the page and clicks the button, it will direct to whatever the associated EPP Detail component has specified.
  • EPP Form:
    It will use whatever email is inputted and look for that as an accepted email in the EPP detail pages in the reference area and send the associated auto-email to give access to whichever EPP store.

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