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Feature Carousel


Feature Carousel is used to display the product features in a vertical carousel


Use When

  • Communicate multiple features or highlights that are related
  • Displaying images that support features
  • Prime content needs to be displayed 


  • Titles should be no more than 30 characters 
  • Subtitle should be 5-10 words
  • Paragraph should be 30-50 words. 
  • If image is used to support, it should only be a product image  
  • Images should use an Image preset of "smallprod" to maintain the right size.  

Additional Notes

  • If no images are available to support the content, there is a No-image variant as an option



  • Feature Carousel components should be added inside a Simple Container component.
  • Choose between two variants: Image or No image
  • For Image variant, add image and select "smallprod" as image preset
  • Title and Description for feature is mandatory
  • If you select " CTA Right" then Image section will appear on left and vise versa. 

Do not

  • Create titles that are more than 30 characters as this will cause the text to wrap and loses the integrity of the short feature title

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