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This component creates billboards and other promos. It has controls for gradients, cropping, and font color/sizing as well as cropping options to display differently for different screen sizes (for example, if the product is in the bottom left of the image, you could set Small Crop to Bottom-Left and it would show more of the product when adjusted for smaller screens).


Use When

  • Use bulleted format
  • Why to use this component on a page.
  • When to use this component to support page content


  • High-resolution image / Video File
  • Copy text such as Title, Description
  • CTA links

Additional Notes

  • Any other information that may not fall directly into the sections above


How to use

  • Configure the component by adding Video or Image path as per requirement
  • For "Watch Video" CTA select Video CTA option else Content CTA
  • Select the Crop Positions for different screen sizes
  • Fill other necessary fields such as title, description, font color, etc


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