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Poly Performance + Microban® Protection
Joining forces with Microban is a no-brainer

As a global leader in antimicrobial technology, Microban has proven formulations to keep products cleaner for longer. Together we have integrated these technologies into a range of Poly materials to build our legendary products. Poly devices powered by Microban actively reduce the growth of bacteria 24/7. And because Microban antimicrobial product protection is added to Poly products during the manufacturing process it becomes an inherent feature and won’t wash off or wear away. So, you can rest assured that your favorite Poly device is protected.

Maximum clean

Easy to clean and long lasting

While not a substitute for regular cleaning, the added technology keeps products cleaner over the lifecycle.

24/7 Protection

Works continuously

Microban® actively reduces the growth of bacteria 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Extended product life

Product looks new and functions longer

Inhibiting the growth of degrading microbes means the expected lifetime of your product is extended.

Long lasting

Protection that lasts the life of the product

Once integrated during manufacture, Microban® will last for the expected lifetime of a product or surface.


  • Poly Rove Family
    Poly Rove Family
    Poly Rove Family
    Wireless DECT™ IP phone solution

    Meet Poly Rove - the wireless IP phone solution built for on-site employees that delivers the sweet freedom to move.

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