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Remote Collaborator

Remote Collaborators depend on multiple devices to stay connected to colleagues, co-workers, and clients. They may feel isolated from their peers, but they’re true team players who rely heavily on collaboration technology.

At home

Poly Studio P15 Design Features

Learn about the unique design features of the Poly Studio P15 personal video bar that gives you everything to look and sound your best.

Personal Video Bar

Elevate the client meeting experience with an all-in-one video bar that keeps you centered on camera, provides 4k resolution and blocks distracting noises. Simple USB plug and play connectivity.

Ideal for users that want one sleek device to look and sound their best. 

USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone

For meetings where you prefer a slim high-performance speakerphone and enhanced audio, such as a hotel workspace or other private setting. 

Ideal for enterprise professionals who split time between corporate office, home office, and travel.

Bluetooth Headset

Home office headset built for all-day comfort with dual mic acoustic fence technology.  Block out distractions and roam free with the Voyager 4300.

Ideal for professionals who prefer the freedom of hands-free calls all day at home.

In the Office

Poly Studio P5 Product Features

Learn about the unique design features of the Poly Studio P5 webcam that set it apart from other webcams and deliver a more powerful and flexible remote working experience.

Professional Webcam

The rugged and portable webcam you can take anywhere. A simple USB connection provides you exceptional camera optics and automatic low-light compensation for your travel meetings.

Ideal for users who want a big upgrade over a laptop or monitor at an affordable price.

Professional Webcam and Headset or Speakerphone

Packaged together as one, the Poly Studio P5 Kit is super-simple to setup and lets you choose the audio device that best suits how and where you work.

Ideal for users who want a big upgrade over a laptop or monitor at an affordable price. Plus everything else they need in one box. 

Stereo Bluetooth Headset

The Voyager Focus 2 is a premium headset built for all-day comfort no matter where you are. This headset has the power to block out distractions for you and the listener. All thanks to hybrid active noise cancellation and acoustic fence technology.

Ideal for office and home office professionals who need a premium stereo Bluetooth headset.

Poly and Microsoft Teams Together

Bringing Meeting Equality to Teams in Any Space

When our teams can be anywhere, with each individual seen and heard, we harness talent without regard to geography.  ​

The office is here to stay.  When your teams gather, make sure they experience the same quality and simplicity that they have at home.

Focus Rooms
Small Rooms
Medium Rooms

Poly Lens & Poly Lens App

Managing Collaboration Tech Made Simple.

Poly Lens lets your IT team monitor and troubleshoot your devices from a single screen. 

And for users, our app makes it easy to set up and use your gear without IT assistance. That’s right.