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poly Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

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The Poly Device-as-a-Service program enables service providers to offer Poly endpoints on a month-to-month basis with no minimum commitment and an extended hardware replacement plan. As an ITSP you benefit from enhanced cash flow, with no negative impact to your margin while minimizing the risk of customer cancellations. Additionally your end-customers get access to outstanding Poly endpoints and peace of mind for one monthly payment!

Key Program Elements

  • Devices provided through the ITSP on a month-to-month basis
  • Technology replacement program including an extended hardware replacement plan
  • Customer can cancel and return phones at any time
  • Include shipping and provisioning costs in monthly payment

Customer Benefits

  • Reliable, high-quality UC endpoints
  • Greater flexibility to scale up or down
  • Predictable monthly expense
  • Lowered risk with extended warranty
  • One easy monthly payment for a complete solution

ITSP Benefits

  • Positive cash flow from the first month
  • Offer state of the art technology
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Asset-light approach, with no device ownership or CapEx for endpoints
  • Ability to create new, compelling marketing offers

Available Devices

The following products may be rented under DaaS:

  • All phone models
  • All Headset Models
  • Accessories
  • X30 and X50 products
Poly Device-as-a-Service Program For Partners

Poly Device-as-a-Service Program for Partners is an opportunity for you to change the way you sell and think about handsets

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