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Ensuring Next-level Collaboration Experiences when Connecting a Diverse and Distributed Workforce:

A Candid Conversation with Poly and Microsoft

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Episode 1

Is your organization embracing hybrid work?

When attracting and retaining employee talent, people will continue to ask, “What kind of technology is available and how will it help me succeed wherever I work from?” Prioritize a people-first strategy as your response.

Episode 2

Do your technology investments enhance user performance and underscore your brand identity? 

Hone your collaboration DNA. Ensure your investments in people, technology and change management align with your collaboration DNA.

Episode 3

Why does an ecosystem approach matter in mobility enablement?

Think beyond mobile phone and tablets. An effective mobility strategy leverages devices that tightly integrate hardware and software to enable effective work from anywhere. 

Episode 4

Does your collaboration environment promote an equitable and inclusive culture? 

Standardization and personalization drive equity and inclusion. Leverage the full capabilities of your platform and devices. Allow users to personalize and engage in the manner that is best for them.