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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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AudioIQ, AudioIQ2, and AudioIQ3: A Comparison

AudioIQ AudioIQ uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) sound technology to make wireless conversations seamless and pleasant, regardless of the environment. For incoming calls, AudioIQ automatically adapts to background noise levels and intelligently improves the receive quality, clarity and volume level. For outgoing calls, AudioIQ reduces background noise for listeners up to 7-8 decibels, or by approximately 50 percent. It also maintains exceptionally clear voice intelligibility by minimizing sources of interference. Click here to learn about turning AudioIQ on and off. AudioIQ2 AudioIQ 2 builds on the AudioIQ technology by including two omni-directional microphones, active DSP, an adaptive 20-band equalizer, and acoustic echo cancellation. AudioIQ3 AudioIQ 3 builds on the AudioIQ technology by including three microphones, active DSP, an adaptive 20-band equalizer, acoustic echo cancellation, and side tone detection for noise conditions. Please refer to the headset user guide to verify if your product has this feature.