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Last Modified Date: 09/08/2021
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What is the recommended deployment scenario for PDMS-E?

It is recommended to always deploy PDMS with the latest version of Polycom Cloud Relay (currently v1.1.1 as of May 11, 2018).
  See the topic  Devices Registered Directly to the Polycom Device Management Service with a Single Locally Available Polycom Cloud Relay on the  Device Management Service Administrator Guide
  • Provision Audio Devices direct to PDMS
  • Deploy Polycom Cloud Relay in the Corporate Environment
  • Configure the PDMS Provisioning Download Paths to use Polycom Cloud Relay FQDN
  • Certificates are a requirement on both Cloud Relay and devices provisioned to PDMS
  • PDMS can provision certificates to the audio devices
  • Certificates can be provisioned Globally or Site based
  • You can use a topology with single locally available Polycom Cloud Relay integrated within your environment.
  • In this topology, devices connect directly to the Polycom Cloud. Configuration is provided directly from the Cloud. Software updates are off-loaded to these devices via the Polycom Cloud Relay.
  • Ensure that each device has a private IP, so that the device can be reached by Polycom Cloud Relay. Go to Device Monitor page to view or edit devices’ private IP addresses.
  • Advanced monitoring and scheduled tasks are only supported when you incorporate Polycom Cloud Relay in your topology.