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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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Introduction to the new ASK Polycom Knowledge Base Search Functionality

The ASK Polycom Knowledge Base correlates multiple information sources in a unified search index to quickly and easily provide you with relevant answers. Use the new ASK Polycom Search functionality to find
  • Answers to problems and questions
  • Specific guides and manuals or
  • Software releases and release notes.
Additionally, when Polycom employees and Partners are logged in into the support site, they will find additional Knowledge Base articles that will not be available to public users. The search page is separated into multiple sections: 1. Alerts and Search Box The latest Alerts and Announcements section provides you with updates on critical new content, product information, or any system alerts. Use the Search box to enter descriptive words and terms. The platform uses machine learning to provide a relevant answer. By clicking the Reset Search button, all search criteria as well as your search query will be set to their initial state. 2. The Filtered search section, also known as faceted search, enables users to narrow their search results by source, category, and date.  The number at the right shows how many results fit the criteria  for that filter. You can filter search results by
  • Content Source
  • Product Type and Product Line
  • And several other content source specific categories
You can use the Reset Filter link to reset your filter criteria while keeping your search input. 3. Results section. The Results section contains all of your search results. By default these are sorted by relevance, but can also be sorted by publish date.  The tabs (All Content, Community Answers, KB Articles, Guides and Manuals) provide context by filtering the results. All Content is selected by default. You can use the Preview link to get a quick view of all content sources except Software Releases. This highlights the relevant search terms in the article. Please note that preview is only used to quickly browse a document to see if it is the type of information you are looking for. In order to use all of the content in the document, including downloads and hyperlinks, you need to open the item from the search results list. The ASK Polycom Knowledge Base search unifies the entire knowledge ecosystem in a single view, delivering timely access to contextually relevant information. It does this by:
  • Allowing users to be more precise with fewer keywords
  • Using many features to support query formulation
  • Providing various filtering options
We hope these upgrades assist you in your search as we continually strive to improve our self-service commitment to our Partners and Customers.