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Article ID: 000045818
Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
Access Level: Public

When “apply BSFB/BW Tags” to ObiTalk’s template for D230 phone, the template does not include ALL supported Broadworks tags.

For BroadSoft Xsi Feature support, current Obi phone supports X_XsiUserName and X_XsiPassword parameters.  To sign-in with BW Xsi, either Xsi credential or SIP credential can be used; however, we only support Xsi credential sign-in currently. When populate the values for parameters using "apply BSFB/BS tags", we do not include SIP credential tags defined by Broadsoft, i.e. "%BWLOGIN-ID-x%". 
This is known issue and will be documented in the next Obi release and implemented in future Obi releases.