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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Some Poly phones show offline in Teams Admin Center (TAC) even when they are online and working correctly

In Teams Admin Center (TAC), some Poly phones show as offline even when they are online and working correctly. This is not specific to any phone model or software version.  
This is a Microsoft issue with the Teams Admin Center and will be fixed in the near future by Microsoft. This is the response from Microsoft to one of the customers that faced this issue:

" Per our discussion earlier, our product group has confirmed this is part of a known issue which is causing some devices to appear offline in the Teams admin center. They are working on a fix but the current ETA is around 4 weeks dependent on testing. I've included a brief summary below. If any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.
Issue Description
After firmware update, seeing devices go offline in the Teams Admin Center even though when testing they work.
We captured device logs and a HAR trace form the Teams Admin Center. Given our testing and findings we reached out to our product group who confirmed a known issue that's being worked on. It is caused by the termination of the Admin Agent on these devices after going into an Application Not Responding (ANR) state. The termination makes the Teams Admin Center think the device is offline. From what they've gathered it appears to be specific to an Admin Agent version which they're looking to correct."

Note: This issue affects not just Poly phones but phones from other vendors like Yealink, Audiocodes, etc. as well.