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Charging issues with the Savi 8210/20

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How do I troubleshoot a W8210T and W8220T headset with charging issues using the Savi 82xx base –

Connect the Savi base via the USB to a PC/MAC running  Plantronics Hub
  • Action – Confirm the Savi is using the latest Firmware – if not update  – Check for latest version SAVI 8200
  • Action – With Plantronics Hub note what the battery level indication is:-
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Does the Headset dock correctly?
  • Action – Confirm the Headset is docked correctly by confirming that it is fully seated.
  • Action – Confirm a single beep is heard at the point the headset is docked
  • Action – Confirm the  Charge LED on the Savi base is flashing
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  • Action – Confirm if the Subscription LED turns from Red to Green – if not, follow next step of charging the headset directly with the supplied cable
Headset charging directly with the supplied USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Action – Connect the Headset to the PC/MAC with the USB-A to USB-C cable and verify if the small Green LED illuminates briefly and then goes off.
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    • Action – Charge the headset for one hour
    • Action – Confirm if the Savi base Subscription LED turns from flashing Red/Green to Solid Green during the charging process?
    • Action – Confirm what voice prompts you hear from the headset receiver when powering the Headset “On” or “Off”
    • Action – If “voice” prompts are heard -  disconnect the charging cable and re-dock the Headset to the base unit confirming that it is fully docked and verify correct operation.
    • Action – Open “Plantronics Hub” and confirm whether the battery level indication changes

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Headset still not indicating charging when docked from base LED indication or from observing the change in “Plantronics Hub”.
  • Action – Contact Poly support.