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Last Modified Date: 05/16/2021
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[VIDEO] How to Set up the CS500/CS500XD

How do I connect my CS500 series base to my desk phone?
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Click on the image above to see a video on how to connect the CS500 to your desk phone.
To set up your CS500 series system with your desk phone:
Image of the proper setup of the CS500 series base
  1. Plug one end of the power supply into the power jack on the back of the base and the other end into a power outlet.  The Power On indicator light should glow solid white.
  2. Disconnect the handset coil cord from the desk phone and plug it to the telephone interface cable junction box.
  3. Plug one end of the telephone interface cable to the back of the base and the remaining end into the open handset port on the desk phone.
  4. Charge the headset for at least 20 minutes before first use (full charge takes 3 hours).
To check configuration:
  1. If your desk phone has a volume control, set it to mid-range.
  2. Look at the bottom panel of the base and make sure the default settings are correct. NOTE: For most phones, the factory default settings shown below will sound the best. If you have issues, however, click here to view our EHS Guide, which will provide the exact settings for your phone.
    Listening volume dial = 3
    Speaking volume dial = 3
    Configuration switch = A
  3. Remove the handset from the desk phone cradle.
  4. While wearing your headset, press the call button on the headset.
  5. If you do not hear a dial tone, adjust the configuration switch (A-G) until you do.
  6. Dial a test call from the desk phone.  If needed, fine tune the volume with the headset volume controls. You can also adjust the desk phone speaking and listening volumes on the bottom of the base.
Note If your phone has a built-in headset port, you should only use it if you will not be using the HL10 lifter.  In this configuration, you must press both the headset button on your phone and the call control button on the headset to answer or end calls. Please note that if you do not have the HL10 lifter or an EHS cable you will not get a call notification alert or call control capability.
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