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Last Modified Date: 10/12/2021
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How to read the status indicators of the ViewStation Quad BRI IMUX

The BRI network interface module is designed to be customer premise equipment (CPE). This means the BRI network interface module does not generate a clock signal to the network. Instead, the module derives the clock from the upstream switch or from the PBX to which it is connected. This is sometimes referred to as slave mode. The status lights on most BRI IMUX's indiate the following:
Status ISDN S/T LED Description
Right LED (green) Off = indicates that there is no connection to the switch or that thereis no clock.
  On = the clock is synchronized with the switch
Left LED (yellow) Off = the interface card is in reset mode and booting.
  On = the interface card is active.
Both LEDs On = indicates normal operation
  All software versions