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Article ID: 000056783
Last Modified Date: 12/08/2021
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X50 X30 Teams Mode Experiencing delay when receiving presentation

  1. When the local PC that is logged in with the same account than the X50, it takes up to 5 seconds to show the content on the X50 compared with the Windows/Mac Teams clients.
  2. Once the content is being shared, it takes up to 2 seconds to replicate the same content on the X50.
When I tested an iPhone and an Android device (Samsung) to the same test meeting, I was able to easily reproduce the same behavior than the X50, i.e. these mobile devices also experience a 2 second delay in the content sharing. Interestingly enough, the iOS Teams app and the Teams Room (X30) app have the exact same performance, while the Samsung S9 I tested had worst performance, taking up to 3 second to show the content for certain slides.

What we can technically do is practically null to fix this content issue, because the application (which is running on Poly hardware) is completely managed by Microsoft. Recommend to create a case with Microsoft.